Free Goal Tracker

Free Goal Tracker


Welcome to the Drum Head 2022 Follower Goal tracker.

At Drum Head we know just how important it is to set goals and create a plan in order to maximise your time and energy. That is why we have created a monthly tracker for you to use.

- - - -

We have designed a page for each month that includes ..

-A place to write down this months strategy

-A three column system that lets you input your target followers, Actual followers and if you have          gained or lost followers.
-A monthly outcome to look back on what you could have done different.


The file you have downloaded is a PDF so it can easily be opened. It is designed with hyperlinks so you can jump between months by clicking on the desired month. We recommend using this download in a note taking app such as GoodNotes, but you can also print out the PDF should you need it.

We hope you enjoy using our Goal Tracker!
If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us at any time