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Ambassador Program

Interested in becoming one of the team?

Here at Drum Head we feel passionate about supporting our artists in every way possible. Thats why we started the Drum Head Ambassador Program.For someone that is truly passionate about Drum Head , this is a fantastic way to have a closer relationship with the team.We support the Artist and the Artist supports us.

Ambassador Application: Welcome
Ambassador Application: Welcome

What it means to be an Ambassador?

An Ambassador for us is someone that represents the brand. He/she is fully committed and passionate about Drum Head. They understand the story and message behind the brand and help us portrait that to a wider audience.

Benefits of Joining

Exclusive Discounts

Ambassadors will get the very best discounts possible on all products


We provide all of our ambassadors promotion.All round we want to give each and every one of you the most support possible.

Access to the Ambassador Chat

The Ambassador chat is a place where all the Ambassadors share ideas, discuss topics and share their posts. This is an extra way for you to gain followers and likes while becoming friends with a huge proportion of the community.

We are the Drum Head family!


What are the requirements?


We want your input on designs , ideas on promotions/giveaways etc

Spread the Word

Your job is to help spread the word about Drum Head. Sharing the brand with anyone you can is really important to us


As always we want to see you rocking our gear. If you post a video/photo use #officialdrumhead 

Social Media

Preferably we would like all ambassadors to have a social media presence and a fan base.

Ambassador Application: Services


To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

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