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Drum Head About. Clothing for Drummers

How it all Started?

Drum Head was founded by Dylan McCormick Moran, an Irish based Drummer. After failing to find Clothing that represented the Drumming community, Dylan decided to create his own!

Months of planning led to Drum Head releasing it's first product. The Drum Head Snapback! Quickly it gained the attention of a lot of local and International talent.


" Drum Head is a real passion project of mine. I get enormous satisfaction out of seeing other Drummers represent and wear our products "

Dylan McCormick Moran


Our Vision

Our aim is to create the highest quality clothing at the most affordable prices. We understand how expensive gear can be within the Drumming/music industry. We want to be your gateway to be able to express yourself. 


Our vision is to create a community of passionate and Driven Drummers. To us being the ultimate "Drum Head" is to be completely engrossed in your craft and to strive for perfection. We are very community Driven so feel free to check out our gear and let us know what you think!

Drum Head History

March 2022

April 2021

January 2021

Drum Head Sponsors the Hit Like a Girl Competition. The Competition was originally formed to help promote and showcase the female Drumming Community.

Drum Head sets up what is known now as the Ambassador program. The Ambassador programs main goal is to help promote Drummers that are passionate about our Brand.

The Drum Head Brand was formed. At Launch we released our Drum Head snapback and gained the attention of many local and international Drummers.

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